The supply chain is the flow of raw materials, finished goods, semi-finished products, information and money, which is the entire supply chain, from the consumer to the producer, from the producer to the wholesaler, distributor and customer.

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Supply chain management is the management that ensures that all these activities are achieved at the right time and at the right price, at the lowest cost and with the highest efficiency. We can see the supply chain as the interconnected and harmonious work of each unit and organization, from raw material purchase to sales.

Buying or selling only the best quality product may not be enough in today’s trade. The multiplicity of companies increases the preferences of customers. Every customer naturally wants to work with the most suitable company. Companies that produce the highest quality and lowest cost in the shortest time are always the reason for preference. This means serious competition between companies. Companies can cope with this competition by improving themselves day by day. In order to improve oneself, it is necessary to control all organizations, to follow up the organizations completely and to ensure that all units work in harmony with each other. By keeping all organizations under control with supply chain management, it is aimed to prevent unnecessary loss of time and workforce, to make unnecessary expenses, to minimize production errors, and to ensure that the product reaches the customer at the desired level as soon as possible.

Supply Chain Stages

The supply chain is a management style that operates in stages. Each stage is linked to the next and proceeds in a chain. This chain is a system in which order, raw material purchase, production, sales and distribution organizations exchange information from start to finish, and all units work in coordination and harmony with each other.

Demand and order management

It is aimed to foresee the orders and demands from the customer, to make the necessary financial calculations and to respond to the customer’s order requests in a short time.


It is ensured that the raw materials and materials required for the production of the requested product are supplied at a reasonable cost and in time.


All stages of the supply chain are planned. All necessary organizations are planned for the production to be completed in the shortest time with the least cost and reach the customer.


It is the most important step. All the necessary steps to start production are done in order to start production as quickly as possible. By using the necessary materials and raw materials for production, it is aimed to ensure the desired quality of production, to avoid delays or problems in production, and to produce high efficiency.

Stock and Warehouse Management

It is ensured that all materials, products and raw materials owned by the company are controlled, the materials required for production are determined and ready, the production starts quickly and the produced goods are stored in the warehouses until they are shipped.


It is ensured that the produced goods are delivered from the warehouses to the customer as soon as possible. Electronic tracking can be applied to avoid confusion and problems in shipment.