In the pandemic environment, one of the most important economic issues for the governments is to keeping supply chains in operation. In that way, unemployment and economic constriction can be prevented. When the outgoing pandemic circumstances are examined, in most developed countries governments are seen to succeed in these.

tedarik yönetimi

tedarik yönetimi

Every business buys and sells something, it comes into existence from nowhere or vanishes out to nowhere. Every business is also a ring of a chain. And if one of those rings will break off, this makes the entire chain useless and the chain will break. Economic activity is formed of those rings. A company that makes up a chain, can buy and sell outside of that chain. In the real-life, a business a part of more than one chain and thus emerges a complex economic relation environment. In cases of economic difficulties, the most important economic management task is to take precautions to keep these chains in operation. Because the separation of one of the rings that make up the chain will cause the other chains to break.

Years ago, a large automotive company had to buy a supplier that went bankrupt, with a sudden decision one night, to prevent the chain from breaking. In a supply chain, when products flow in a direction, money flows in the other direction. Products flow depend on money flow. For that reason, monetary resources need to be added to those chains, too. Monetary resources can be either business own operational capitals or, loan capitals to close up the maturity incompatibility between receivings and payments.

The complex supply chains are now managed over digital platforms. One of the leading examples of the world is supply chain management and financing, in which financial resources are integrated. As the goods move in one direction, funds from various integrated sources flow into the accounts of the sellers in a guaranteed and rapid manner.

You can both ensure the flow of money of the supply chain and ensure its healthy functioning even in troubled economic environments.